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Krynica Morska's Monuments

Museum Stutthof

The museum of Stutthof in Sztutowo was established as a result of an initiative of the Council for Commemoration of Struggle and Martyrdom and by the decision of the District Council of Gdańsk from 12th of March 1962. Since 1st of April 1966 the museum has been subordinated to the culture department of the Ministry of Culture and Arts.

Muzealna Streey 6,
PL-82110 Sztutowo
phone +48 55 247-83-53
phone +48 55247-83-58,
Fax: +48 55 247-83-58,

Museum Zalewu

Kąty Rybackie,  Rybacka Street 64
PL-82110 Sztutowo
phone +48 55 247 87 77

Museum Amber in Jantar

Nature Reserve  "Mewia Łacha"

Nature Reserve European beech

Sand Dune "Wielbłądzi Garb" (48,5 m. n.p.m.)

Nature Reserve European Shag in Skowronkach

Church in Stegna